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At The Shane Foundation, we understand how vital it is to receive community support and guidance in order to make an impact locally.

We concentrate our philanthropic resources in cities where we do business and engage the entire community to discover the best ways to use those resources in order to most effectively benefit the community.

We are committed to making a long-term investment in sustainable social change. As a service provider in Arizona, it is essential that The Shane Foundation works with local organizations, leaders, and officials to serve the needs of the community.

The Arizona Community Fund was created to raise money for the communities where we work in Arizona in order to revitalize and rehabilitate areas that need it most.

By partnering with local organizations like The Community Foundation for Southern Arizona and Arizona Community Foundation, we have a direct line to what is needed locally and how we can assist in funding those needs, programs, and resources for the community.

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As a service provider in Arizona, we noticed that there were many communities that were far from thriving as they should with empty lots, homes in need of repair, and other buildings that were run down.

We created the Arizona Community Fund to address this issue by funding construction, renovation, and neighborhood beautification projects combined with educational programs to strengthen communities to transform from within.

This fund will provide the needed resources, tools, and training to community residents to empower them to beautify their communities and help them thrive.

By partnering with organizations like the Arizona Regional Economic Development Foundation and similar entities and officials, our combined efforts will make a far bigger impact than any organization can make alone. Working together, we can collectively bring about the positive changes we all want in each community.

Join us and help us empower Arizona communities by donating to The Shane Foundation Arizona Community Fund!


In order to connect our neighbors with the resources they need to thrive and a community to enrich their lives, we partner with local organizations and leaders that are already on task to accomplish this.

Our goal is to utilize our network of supporters and donors to fundraise for initiatives that are needed for the community by the community. Our intent is to increase awareness of the existing socio-economic issues as well and advocate for redevelopment and more effective resource utilization in Arizona.

The Shane Foundation’s website also has the capability to accept proposal requests from the community for project funding. This ability enables us to propose these requests to organizations and government officials as well as provide and/or request funding for said project.

Our mission is to redevelop communities from within and research what the community needs by listening to local officials, community groups, and approving local project proposals, rather than speak for the community and tell them what they need from an outside perspective.


The Shane Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization committed to revitalizing residential areas in need through construction, painting, renovation, and redevelopment.

We cannot do this essential work for the community alone! With your help, together we can truly make an impact on the lives of those in Arizona living in undeveloped and impoverished neighborhoods.

The best way you can support our efforts is to make an unrestricted charitable donation to our organization.

With unrestricted funds, we can utilize this donation to build sustainable communities by creating programs that will empower individuals looking for employment with job skills, contributing to the long-term economic vitality of the community.


In addition to monetary donations, The Shane Foundation accepts a wide variety of assets that many organizations are commonly unable to accommodate. Our operations team focuses on removing the complexities around these assets and simplifies the process for our donors. Here are some additional ways in which you can give to support our mission in Arizona:

  • Real Estate
  • Publicly Traded Securities
  • Mutual Fund Shares
  • Closely Held Stock
  • Partnership Interests
  • Retirement Plan Assets
  • Bequests
  • Other Complex Assets

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