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The Shane Foundation knows how essential it is for communities to have substantial input on the issues that affect them.

We source guidance directly from community members to uncover the most effective ways to utilize our philanthropic resources to benefit impoverished neighborhoods in the cities where we do business.

By collaborating with local leaders, officials, and organizations, we are able to address the needs of the community far better than if we worked alone to provide assistance. This enables us to implement comprehensive solutions that have a long-term impact that will continue to uplift the communities we invest in for many generations.

We created The California Community Fund to raise the money required to reinvigorate and uplift the neighborhoods in California that need our assistance the most.

Our partnerships with local organizations such as The Community Foundation for California and the California Community Foundation gives us direct input into the needs of local communities and knowledge of how we can most effectively address those needs by providing resources and programs in a manner that will have the biggest impact.

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As we were providing services in California, we noticed that many communities were not thriving. Instead, we observed many neighborhoods with run-down buildings, homes needing repair, and lots that were underdeveloped.

To improve this situation, we created the California Community Fund to fund neighborhood renovation, beautification, and construction projects, along with programs to provide job training to residents, enabling communities to transform from within.

Because we partner with local organizations such as the California Regional Economic Development Foundation and other local stakeholders and officials, we are able to combine resources, knowledge and local connections to have a much greater impact than any of us would be able to make alone.

The California Community Fund will provide the necessary funding, tools, training, and resources to community members that will enable them to create more beautiful neighborhoods and sustained economic impact.

Join our mission and assist us in empowering California communities by donating to The Shane Foundation California Community Fund!


We will utilize our network of supporters and donors to raise money and resources for these initiatives to assist the communities that most need our help. We are able to deliver solutions much far more effectively by partnering with community leaders and local organizations already working on these issues.

We will work tirelessly with our partners to generate more public awareness of the socio-economic challenges faced by communities and advocate for better utilization of resources that already exist in California, helping communities to thrive.

We can also accept community proposal project funding requests directly on The Shane Foundation website. After reviewing these requests, we will collaborate with our partner organizations and governmental entities to discover the most efficient manner to address each proposal and provide funding that will have the biggest impact.

We discover what each community that we assist needs by gathering information directly from residents, community groups, and local organizations already working with the community.

By accepting and approving project proposals, we are able to address what the community itself says it needs instead of making that decision for the community. This enables us to empower communities to grow from within.


The Shane Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization focused on providing solutions that improve the lives of residents in communities where we work through renovation, redevelopment, construction, and painting projects. We need your help to fulfill this vital mission – we cannot accomplish this alone! Together with your help, we can make a huge difference in improving the lives of residents living in impoverished neighborhoods in California.

By making an unrestricted donation to The Shane Foundation, you enable us to help the communities most in need of your assistance. We can then use your donation to create programs that provide job skills to local residents, enabling them to contribute to their local economy for many years to come.


Because we are able to accept many types assets in addition to money, you can support our work by donating a wide array of assets. Although many organizations are not able to accept non-monetary assets, our operations team has the expert know-how to simplify the donation process for you. Below are some other asset types you can donate to support our vital work in California:

  • Bequests
  • Real Estate
  • Partnership Interests
  • Closely Held Stock
  • Mutual Fund Shares
  • Retirement Plan Assets
  • Publicly Traded Securities
  • Other Complex Assets

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to uplift California communities, please contact us at:

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