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The Shane Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization founded to empower communities and help a new generation rise to their potential through workforce development on neighborhood beautification projects.

2019 Financials will be available next year. This is our first year in operation so we don’t have current financial information.

For Financial or Tax information, please contact us here.

“Empowering Communities &
Elevating a New Generation
to Reach Its Potential!”


The Shane Foundation began in partnership with local businesses, governmental organizations, nonprofit organizations, and community development corporations.

With the continued support from our partnerships, we will strive to rebuild the communities in which we work and focus our rebuilding efforts in areas with the greatest need.

Our partners prove every single day that caring for communities is a team effort. They also demonstrate that by working together, we can help transform neighborhoods and enrich the lives of families and children that call them home.

This collaborative approach is incredibly efficient and creates far more impact with every dollar and each hour of time spent on our projects.

We partner with local high-performing community development corporations and other organizations that are both effective and aligned with our goals to rebuild the community and to create resources for those in need.

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