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The life-changing projects funded by The Shane Foundation are called Initiatives.

All of our initiatives will be funded by the specific fund for the state where the initiative exists – or from our general fund.

Each initiative will focus on improving the beauty and vitality of a specific local community in the states where we do business – California, Arizona, and Nevada.


The current scope of our first initiative in the Watts Community (located in Los Angeles, CA) focuses on combining educational and workforce programs with neighborhood beautification projects including:

  • Training for general construction frontline skills in the craftsman trades
  • Providing the required equipment for trainees to be proficient
  • Supplying the uniform attire necessary for a professional in the trade
  • A supervised apprenticeship program

The Watts Community Initiative will be funded through Our California Community Fund, grants, and general donations. After establishing a successful program in Watts, we will expand into other areas in California, Arizona, and Nevada with similar initiatives.

“Empowering Communities &
Elevating a New Generation
to Reach Its Potential!”


As a service provider for Southern California, we noticed an enormous number of underdeveloped lots and run-down residences in the Watts area.

We knew that much work needed to be done within these communities to improve them and better utilize these resources.

The Watts Community Initiative was created to address this need through construction, renovation, maintenance, redevelopment, and through neighborhood beautification projects to help the Watts community transform from within.

We will accomplish this by providing residents with workforce education – and then by having them provide the skilled labor for these projects as part of a supervised apprenticeship.

Residents will directly improve the beauty of their own neighborhoods. Their new career path will enable them to contribute to their local economy as well.


The Watts Initiative began in collaboration with community ambassador Daude Sherrills to raise money for the Watts area – with a goal to help revitalize and rehabilitate the community.

By partnering with local organizations and leaders already in this space, we have a direct line to what is most needed and how we can best assist in funding those needs, programs, and resources for the community.

Rather than speak for communities by telling them what we think they need from an outside perspective, it is essential that we redevelop communities from WITHIN.

Therefore it is important to research what the community needs by listening to local officials, community groups, and/or approving local project proposals.

Our goal is to work collaboratively with similar organizations and officials. By combining our efforts we are able to create a much bigger impact than any of us could accomplish working alone.

We need to work together in order to bring about the positive change we want to see in the community!

“Empowering Communities &
Elevating a New Generation
to Reach Its Potential!”


We aim to utilize our network of supporters and donors to fundraise for the initiatives that are needed for the community.

It is our goal to spread awareness of the current socio-economic issues and outline the need for redevelopment and better utilization of resources in Watts.

Our goal with this initiative is to work on five to ten run-down houses per year, providing workforce training to two cohorts (groups) of resident participants per year.

The highly structured and effective classroom curriculum will teach them general construction, carpentry, and/or painting skills.

This will prepare the participants for the next phase of the program – an on-the-job supervised apprenticeship program conducted during the remodeling and repair of homes in the Watts community.


We are seeking in-kind donations of construction materials from building supply companies such as Lowe’s and Home Depot. This will reduce the amount of funding required to implement this initiative.

The budget required for this project is $192,500 per cohort of residents that participate in the program. We plan on having two cohorts go through the training on an annual basis. An additional $22,000 – $25,000 is needed per year for supportive services.

This gives the project a total annual budget of $410,000 for the workforce training component. There might be additional funds required if there are construction materials needed that are not obtained from in-kind donations.


In the community, there are several run-down homes owned by senior citizens that don’t have the money for needed repairs. A couple of them also need a wheelchair ramp for less mobile residents.

The Watts Initiative would be able to provide carpentry and painting to repair and beautify these homes through the supervised apprenticeship program at no cost to the residents.

The end result will be happy homeowners, a more beautiful neighborhood with higher property values, and residents who now have job skills that will help them for the rest of their lives!

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